Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our crew...: Our crew...

Our crew...: Our crew...: "This is part of the motley bunch. This is a part of our crew at work. What a bunch of people. We got together to take a farewell picture..."

Our crew...

This is part of the motley bunch.
This is a part of our crew at work.  What a bunch of people.  We got together to take a farewell pictures of our outgoing manager Mike Glenn.  That's him in the front of the group up one step or so.

Well, I'm going to say my goodbyes on here as well.  It's been a wonderful time working for this man.  He's turned out to be a very easygoing and funny boss.  He is one of the easier bosses that I've work for.  Through all the turmoils and highs and lows we pretty much made it.  He oversaw part of the planning for our new multimillion dollar clubhouse and worked diligently to open it with as little hassle as possible.  He had to hire a food/beverage manager that turned out to be not as what he had seemed.  He weathered through that storm and hired someone who I think will do a great job.  I've had many a joke with him and with my coworkers together and he will be missed.  He's going to Florida to a better job and I wish him all the best in whatever he does in the future. 

I thought I would blog this little bit for him and say my goodbyes in case I can't say them in person.  I really appreciate Mike and everything that he has done for the golf course and for us his "hired guns".